You know there’s only one regret I have about my

business on the internet.


I really wish I would have started writing articles

and posting my content online way back when I first

started marketing.


You know I love paid marketing strategies like EZINE

ADVERTISING and Pay-Per-Click Advertising, but the

problem with all those strategies is that if you

STOP paying for the ads… your traffic STOPS.


But… how would you like to put out an “advertisement”

ONCE and get traffic from that ONE “advertisement” for

years to come?


THAT is the incredible power and leverage of CONTENT

MARKETING or “article marketing”.


You see when you create an article, a blog post,

a squidoo lens, or any other piece of content online,

including videos and forum posts…


… that little piece of content STAYS online FOREVER!




This content can potentially bring you traffic on an

ongoing basis for years and years to come.


Its like having your own piece of real estate on the

internet. And there’s no limit to how much real estate

you can create.


Think about this…


If you create 10 articles and submit these articles to just

6 article directories

you would have 60 little pieces of content out on the internet.


Each one of them with a link back to your main website.


Its like 60 little fishing hooks out in the water ready

to catch a bite!


Now lets say each of these articles, on average brings

you just 5 visitors per month. That would be 30 visitors

to your website each and every month.


Doesn’t sound like very much does it?


But wait.. because this is sort of like building residual

income, but with traffic.

Imagine what having a banner with 10% conversion rate will do for you! Click here to find out!


Now imagine this…


You actually get serious… and you decide that you will

create just 1 article each day.


1 article each day…at the end of 90 days, you would

have 90 articles. Incredible what a little CONSISTENCY

can do, no?


So you have 90 articles and you submit them to those

6 article directories.


You now have 540 little fishing hooks out on the internet

each one with your website link.


Now assuming we get a measly 5 visits from each article,

each month (and this is a very low number) this simple

strategy of creating content would bring you….


2700 VISITORS to your website EACH and EVERY



If you’re website converts around 20% from visits to leads,

which ours do, that would create roughly 540 FREE LEADS

for your business EVERY MONTH!!


All absolutely FREE!!


Not sure if I can make it any clearer for you :)


Imagine if you kept this up for a whole year?!


Now get to work!

- Brechje

Exciting news in MLM land
I just joined The Advertisingnet this saturday.

This is the one I have been waiting for.

Are you kidding me!

I am a little blunt, but it is most important not to let this opportunity pass you bye.

You only need to sponsor 7 people and you will be put very well of my friend!


Ofcourse this is the understatement of the YEAR!!!

Have a look, do it now.


Trust me you want to see this.


and I share my screen with you :)

Tony, with 23 years of MLM experience is going mad on this!!

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All the best,
Brechje, speak soon :)


Ps. Millionaire status will probably overwhelm us but I never mind!


I did it I created my first 5 leads online!



Follow the instructions given in the video below…… You can too create your first 5 leads online!


In the video you will be taught how to blog and create free leads!


Precisely how I was able to create 5 leads online, Huray!!!


This is just the beginning. Soon I will be creating 10 leads a day, than 25 leads a day etc!


Learn how to Get traffic….

Using Social Media, but without having to become a specialist in this area!


Get ready for your first lesson in blogging….


Enjoy the ride, and enjoy the feeling of getting your 5 leads a day :)


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Welcome to the team when you join!


I suggest you do just that, JOIN and be a part of the community that Empoweres everyone!


The online education this will give you is tremendous.



It will prevent you from years and years off struggling before making your first money online!


I am a newby getting out of the newby zone :)


You can do the same and in stead of making no money, make your first $100 online!


The feeling it gives is tremendous!!!!!


- Brechje

Enjoy the ride to freedom!


Ps. leave your thoughts and comments below :)






Succes story. On my way….

It’s been an interesting journey so far.


What Prompted me into this industry?


Being pregnant and having this HUGE desire to be home with my children.


You see, I work with autistic children using Applied Behavior Analysis. This method gives children with autism a chance to  learn the skills we ” normal” people pick up from our environment automatically. It gives them a chance to attend regular school. And much, much more….


Sure you will agree pretty important stuff.


Still when I had to take my three months young daughter to daycare to go to work my heart just broke. As a result I got so mad at the system I was in.


The system meaning being in need of cash to live and support my family with. The only way I new how, was to have a job.


But it was my job that kept me away from my children. And the income attached is what the MLM gurru’s call: ” Just over broke”


I became confused. Here I was doing this wonderful work with autistic  and all I could think about is getting out to be with my children, to be home, to be free.



I got approached to do his perfume business….


So I went to meetings at somebody’s home and did the hotel meeting. I was pitching people up in the supermarket.  Nothing worked!


Because of the pregancies I was overweight. A weightloss opportunity came along. Although the product is great really I disliked the promotion movie.



How can you promote your business when you do not like the promotion movie!


About to just give up. I started searching the internet. Desperately in need of some good training!!!


I needed to be trained in a way that taught me how to present myself.



I needed to know how to market my business.



I needed to become an expert.


I am now a Success Story, on my way….


I am learning advanced business skills and while I am learning, I am earning :)



Yes I earned my first dollars online.



Finally, what a liberating feeling this gives me!!!


So I give you Empower Network


Aren’t you just done with making a single dime online?


Aren’t you just done with pitching people up in the supermarket?



Together with me and Empower Network you will become a success story!



Welcome to my team ,welcome to the Empower Network!


When you want to get it done, the magic word is attitude

To which group do you belong?

I was just emailed a video by one of
my more ‘rouge’ marketing partners,
and after watching it – realizing my eyes
we’re NOT playing tricks on me….

…I discovered a harsh realization…

Go here and see what I mean:

In a simple world full of complicated

people, this is the most ‘user-friendly’
approach to building a thriving,
profitable business online.

Even if….

Your part-time…

You hate picking up the phone….

Or you’ve never made a dime online.

I’ll admit.

It’s kind of “weird” – it’s kind of
“edgy” – and it’s kind of “rouge”….

But it works.


And it’s not the same ‘guru’ garbage
full of complicated non-sense we’re
all used to seeing.

I’ll have more for you tomorrow.

For now, check this out right now:


- Brechje

P.S. After you watch that video….

Go here and SEE the actual PROOF
of how well this works….

P.P.S. This will get you back door
access to get started right now…


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